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My boards are available at your favorite surf shops on Oahu, Hawaii and at these
Select outlets :
Surf & Sea Haleiwa , Strong Current Haleiwa,
Aloha Surf, HIC, Surfboard Factory Outlet

Hawaiian Surf Designs specializes in Performance Longboards, Noseriders, Hybrids & Hybrid Guns, & Super Tankers.

For more information, please contact me using the below contact form.


George Ku
GK North Shore Custom Surf Designs & Hawaiian Surf Designs

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59 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Derek says:

    Hi George,

    Thank you for talking with me today. I sent you an email from my account with the fishing surfboard information we talked about. Please call me at 223-2716 if you have any questions. Thanks again, Derek.

  2. Jeff says:

    Hi George, I was looking at your boards and really liked the one marked 8hbb looks between hybrid and gun . I’ve been looking for some thing like this, and would like to know more about it.

    Mahalo, Jeff

    • George Ku says:

      I designed and developed Hybrids about 15-20 years ago. I didn’t like riding thin, narrow boards, and I couldn’t get my “quota”. The Hybrid is just a fuller designed shortboard with a little more “ears” up on the nose. The bottoms and rocker can be what ever you like. When AM first saw my boards, he asked “what’s this” ? and that was the beginning of the hybrids popularity. Most of the shapers use Vee bottoms….All of mine have a running Inverted Vee with some Vee just under the nose to cut the chop, and I have my own custom rocker. The Hybrid design is faster, looser, and can hold a higher line on the face. They also paddle better than most other boards because of their volume. As long as they are foiled right, there’s no problem. For bigger and/or older guys, it’s the best design on the market today. The one downside that they do have is that in really choppy, bumpy, windy blown surf, they are difficult to control…but,(read on)
      Hybrids also have a wider range of surf that they will perform well in….anything from 2-3′ up to 10’…perfect for traveling…or if you can only afford one board and you don’t want a 9′ longboard,….get a Hybrid !
      They paddle great, and are fast and loose ! Aloha, George

  3. Zach says:

    Hey, howzit George? Looking to increase my quiver and replace a 9’0″ to 9’4″ longboard (funboard, gun etc, acceptable.) Looking to see what you might have in the used market or possibly have one shaped. If you could email me some info it would be appreciated: Thanks, and Aloha, -Zach.

  4. Niko says:

    Aloha cuzzin!

    Having my family move to the mainland i always feel i need to buy from hawaii and support the aina. I wanted to buy a board, first time really on stand up, but dont want to start with a long board. Being 5’3″ at 200 lbs, what kine board would you build for me and how much?



  5. khaleana says:

    P.S i got up on my first wave although it was small, it felt amazing.( just wanted to share) thanks for your help!!

  6. khaleana says:

    thanks i took a lesson (north shore) yesterday and i loved it, I’m hooked. I don’t understand everything you said but i get it for the most part. looking forward to more waves!!

  7. khaleana says:

    I am a freshman at UH, I want to learn to surf. I am 5’1, 140lbs. (female) if that makes a difference, I am athletic and very limber. what size or kind of board should I start with!!

    ma halo, khaleana

    • George Ku says:

      You could start with something in the 9′ range, 22 3/8 wide, 2 7/8-3″ thick, soft rails, hard at the tail,
      Tri fin(2 + center box for 7-7.5″ center fin) Try renting something at one of the beaches to get a feel
      for what you are looking for and comfortable with…Rocker tends to be really important starting out as you’ll have to adjust
      to moving forward or back while trying to catch waves and prevent pearling..
      A little extra nose and or tail rocker will usually resolve the problem. There are many cheap import boards
      that should work well for you without having to dig too deep for cash. NSP has a good reputation for this
      type of board.

  8. I love paddle boarding and I’m so excited to have found your blog. I look forward to more great reading here.

  9. Ken says:

    I’m starting lessons soon and was wondering what type of board you recommend for my first. 215 lbs. Thanks – K

    • George Ku says:

      Hi Ken,
      I would recommend getting a big used board around 9′-10′ x 23 wide x 3 1/8 to 3 1/4 thick….soft rails.
      Soft tops are good to start with as you won’t get hurt or hurt anyone one else…and they can take a beating without needing repair….If you can, go to Waikiki or White Plains and rent a board and see what paddles and works for you…
      good luck ! gk

  10. tanner sandor says:

    hi george i am interested in the 6’8″ hybrid fish, has it sold already?

  11. Constance says:

    Hello George,
    I’m wanting to purchase a stand up paddle board but I would like a custom design it’s for flat water/ fitness the design I would like is a rhino painted or decaled on the 11′ board and ideas??
    Thanks Connie

    • George Ku says:

      Hi Connie,
      OK…what are you using now ? Do you know the measurements ? How long have you been paddling or are you new to the sport ?
      What is your height and weight ? Where do you paddle ? The design would have to be airbrushed. It would help if you could send
      a picture of what you want or something similar. I would need to get a price quote for the airbrush work from the air brusher.
      This could run well over $150 just for the airbrush.
      11′ is pretty big, and in a custom, fairly expensive….I would assume that you would want it in EPS/Epoxy for the lighter weight and
      durability..? For flat water, you can use something with less rocker in both the nose and tail(flat rocker), however, these tend to
      be prone to pearl should you take the board into rougher, choppy conditions with swells or into surf. I’m guessing 11′ x 31.5+ x 4.6+
      would be sufficient, however without knowing your specific weight and ability, it’s just an educated guess. Price would be around 1500+
      There are shops with ready made boards that may be cheaper that you could have air brushed with the rhino (would this be on the deck
      or bottom?and usually, SUPs have deck pads which cover about 65% of the deck. With that being said, the rhino could be done on the
      bottom…but a couple of things to consider….most air brushed boards are susceptible to fading and changing color(s) via UV exposure….
      Although most paints are much more stable than they used to be, expect some fading and color changes to occur depending upon the extent
      of exposure. You can follow up with any other questions at my email address at : aloha ! gk
      for a sand finish. I would still need to verify the cost for the deck handle, deck vent, pad, fin set up and glass weight. The industry is tied
      to the oil industry, so as oil prices increase, so does the glassing….

  12. John O-S says:

    Hi George,

    I’m a beginner surfer and been renting quite a few boards for a few months now. I really want to buy a board and have been kinda browsing through sites and a few stores. I saw your website and a few more boards from the shack and was wondering if you have a 9′ – 9’6″ board, squash tail, single to double concaves, with beveled rails tri- fin longboard… I saw that you had a performance board for sale but wasn’t sure if it had beveled rails? I was looking for a beginning board thats forgiving but able to help me maneuver with ease? Wasn’t sure if you had a shop i can drop by or do I give you a call? thanks in advance.

    John O-S

    • George Ku says:

      All of my boards are considered “high performance”. I rarely make “retro” boards unless custom ordered.
      I used to make beveled rails, but I doubt that they would be worth the costs involved, especially being a
      novice surfer….The bevels tend to bite and release faster, and are more difficult to ride, especially in choppy,
      bumpy conditions. Hence, not recommended….I have many boards that you would probably like. How
      heavy are you, how tall, where do you surf ? Are you in Hawaii ?
      My boards start at 600 + tax for a clear, 2 + box….I do have
      a 9’1 x 22 3/8 x 3 red / yellow fade Quad + box Round tail available at $725 which includes the quad fins and a center fin.
      and that is with the inverted vee concave to a double concave vee thru the tail. All 6 oz dbl 6 deck/6 bottom sanded polish ….
      Price + local 4% tax….aloha, George 372-2073 when you’re ready….

  13. John Hanhauser says:

    I am 6 feet 3 inches tall. I am a male that weights 195/205 pounds. I live in Wailea, Maui, Hi.
    Can I order direct? Do you have a retail outlet on maui? How do we proceed to purchase a board now? You can reach me at: home 1-808-874-0861. Cell phone # is 1-925-699-9699. My email address is : Please contact me and tell me what is our next step.
    Aloha, John

    • George Ku says:

      Hi John,
      I used to bring boards to Maui(Hobie Maui @ Kaanapali) , but stopped a while back with too many orders here on Oahu.
      I don’t have any outlets on Maui, but you can order direct from me here on Oahu…Be aware that shipping and packing costs will need to be added to the
      the cost of the board….Let me know what you’d like….Aloha ! George

  14. Your paddleboards and surf boards look awesome, I can’t wait to drop by and see them.

    What are they made of, if you don’t mind me asking?

  15. Dude sweet, I’d like to add your paddle board to my site… just a quick review of the features and where to buy it plus some customer feedback would be helpful.

    Let me know

    • George Ku says:

      Not sure which SUP you’re referring to, but….Most are Epoxy or EPXII Glassing
      10’6 x 30 x 4.5+ Bottom Rolled Nose to an Inverted Vee entry thru the center with a
      Lite Double Concave Vee Tail….Hybrid Design, Tapered rails, Soft Edge running chime. Hard last 2′ @ tail.
      Custom Rocker for solid all around Performance….w/ Quad + Box Fin Set Up….Quad or TriFin…
      Boards are strong, light, easy to carry/paddle, and maneuverable. Prices start @$850 up to $1200. / 808-372-2073 Aloha ! George

    • George Ku says:

      SUPs can be purchased directly from me. All are EPS / Epoxy construction.
      The boards are designed with my custom rocker for easy paddling, control, and surfing. Bottom details include a forward inverted vee to
      a double concave vee or double concave inverted vee back of center. Rolled vee in the nose last 2′.
      Tapered rails(easier turning) with a soft edge(for speed) running the length of the board, hard chime last 18″+(control) . Incorporated into the bottom design is a five fin set up for either a Quad or Tri fin system….Generally, my boards are a little wider @ 29-30.5″ for easier paddling and control. Most will find the boards to be unusually easy to adjust to…..aloha ! George

  16. Garrett says:

    Aloha George,
    I surf here on Oahu and I was looking for a fish surfboard. Your boards look like what I am looking for. I am about 235 lbs. I like to turn and drop in late, etc.. What kind of size board do you recommend for me?

    • George Ku says:

      It kind of depends on your physical ability, and where you surf…Off hand I would lean towards something in the 7’6 range, 22+ width,
      2.75″ EPS or better, 3 1/8 PU or thicker…. good luck ! gk

  17. Cara says:

    What are the prices on your boards and the specs for the ku-lbg and ku-trrp? I’m looking for a 9’6 23ish 3 1/8 ish long board.

    Where are you located? Do you have a shop with boards ready made to sell?

  18. Carl DeForest says:

    Aloha George,

    I am interested in the 7’6″ gray and white board on your showroom page. Do you have one in stock? What are the dimensions? Where can I look at it if it is available? I live in Haleiwa and have surfed with you at Lani’s and Hultins a few times this winter. I ride the Bushman fat ugly fish and the Dennis Pang board. We’ve talked a few times (long black hair, 50) about rocker being the key.



  19. Mark says:


    I bought your used SUP…it’s great.

    Looking for a beginner board for my 16 year old daughter.
    5’4″ and 160 lbs.
    Anything in the mid 8 ft range?


  20. Tom K. says:

    Hi!!!… I am a guy who is 5’8″ and is in my second year surfing. I never surf anything huge, and I am not the best overal- a novice. What size and shape of a board do u think would be good?- I ride the east coast(if that hElps)

    • George Ku says:

      5’8 x 5’8 ? kind of depends on your weight and ability…I’m guessing that your around 185 ?
      I would lean towards an egg or hybrid 7’6 – 8′ x 21 + x 3 epoxy or PU….aloha gk

    • George Ku says:

      What’s your weight ? and what size surf do you ride ? steep or mushy ? I would suggest something in the 7’6+ x 21+ x 2.8 full outline, hybrid
      thruster or quad…..good luck ! gk

  21. Lilinoe says:

    Looking for the Hawaiian print fins that you make. Want to order a set for 9’0 Mahalo

  22. Marc says:


    Just wanted to let you know I had a great time on the 10 4 quad you made for me… Got a few good ones at Waimea yesterday (11-2-10) – made every drop. It was exactly what I was looking for…

    And that 7’6 hybrid Quad – Ive ridden that thing in everything from waist high slop to double – near triple overhead peeling surf and it is amazing.. my new favorate board.

  23. Guy says:

    Aloha George,

    I’m looking for 10′ longboard about 23″ inches wide and about 3 1/2″ thick.

  24. Malte says:

    Dear George Ku,

    I am interested in one of your hybrid egg shapes. I weigh approx. 75 kg and looking for a board that gives me plenty of glide to compete with the longboarders at the common town spots (cliffs, lighthouse, kewalos). My standard shortboard has the dimensions 6’6”/19.5”/2.5”. What dimensions would you suggest for a egg in the 6’4”-6’6” range? What would be the approx. price for such a board with strong glassing and a 2+1 fin set-up?

    Thank you very much in advance.
    Kind regards,

  25. Ryan says:

    George, I need a transition board for this coming winter, what do you suggest? I’m 6′ / 195 and surf mostly @ Chun’s. Love the site!

  26. Sylvie weylman says:


    I’m looking for 2 sup one for me. 5’7″ 140 pounds and my boyfriend 5’7 180 pounds

    I butt one of your longboard last august and I love it.

    Let me know if u have two sup for sale




    • George Ku says:

      sorry for the late reply….yes I do have some SUPz available…Do you know what size(s) you’re looking for ?
      What size SUPz have you ridden, and how comfortable were you with the board(s). Is this for paddling,
      or for surfing as well ? Feel free to give me a call @ 808-372-2073 thank you & aloha ! George

  27. Lono says:

    Howzit George,
    Hope u r doing well!
    Is this the current website? Looks good!
    How the new life after hfd?
    Shaping a lot! Let me know what I can do to help! Are you retailing from your shaping place?
    See you later!


  28. Adrienne says:

    How much isyour silver 7’6 board?

  29. Aukai Tam-Hoy says:


    I am interested in purchasing a pair of stand up paddle boards, one for myself and one for my wife. Please let me know on the availability of boards you have in stock and the prices.


    • George Ku says:

      sorry for the very late reply…I’m still learning how to access and use my website…Yes, I do have SUPz available..Please give a call if you’re still in the market….aloha gk

  30. Brett Thomas says:

    I’m interested in your SUP 10’6′ for $900. Please call: 650-465-9967. Mahalo- Brett

  31. Keith says:

    George, is this board still available 9′ x 22 x 2.9 epoxy EPXII
    blue & white reverse panels / glossed polish custom
    performance rocker w/5 fcs fins

  32. Dan says:


    One of my friends bought one of your boards and loves it. I am looking for a long board 9′ to 9’2 that can handle head high waves and I am 195.

    Please email me with what you have including price. I live on Oahu as well.



  33. Dan Lane says:

    Great looking boards! I can’t wait till you finish up the site and list the sizes of these longboards!

  34. tommy cashman jr. says:

    George, I don’t know if you remember but you made my Dad a longboard for his 65th birthday from all his kids! Great board, I have a real problem you see I was surfing Waimea bay all morning on it having a unbeliveable time loving it and then I snapped it. I’m am soo bummed pls call me so I can replace I know it will take some time but I want to replicate it (714)642-6457. I really need your help on this one, I can’t tell you on upset I am THank you so much

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